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Beginner Class

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About the Course

Badminton beginner class is a program designed for individuals who are new to the sport of badminton. The class is usually structured to introduce participants to the basic skills, techniques, and rules of the game.

The class may start with a warm-up session that includes stretching and light exercises to prepare the body for physical activity. After the warm-up, the instructor may then proceed to teach basic footwork, racket grip, and swing techniques. Participants will learn how to serve, receive, and play various shots such as forehand, backhand, and overhead strokes.

During the class, participants may also learn basic tactics such as positioning and movement on the court, how to defend and attack, and how to keep score. The instructor will likely provide opportunities for participants to practice their newly learned skills in pairs or small groups.

Safety is a crucial aspect of the beginner class, and participants will be taught the importance of wearing appropriate footwear and clothing, as well as the rules of the game to avoid injury.

Overall, a badminton beginner class is an excellent way to get started in the sport and develop a foundation of skills that can be built upon over time. With regular practice, participants can improve their performance and enjoy the many benefits that come with playing badminton, including improved fitness, agility, and mental focus.

Your Instructor


I believe that everyone is different. Everyone has their own abilities. So it is always has been my goal to be able to assist in their continual growth, fundamentally, physically and mentally.

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