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Advance Class

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About the Course

Advanced badminton class is a program designed for individuals who have already acquired a high level of proficiency in the sport and are looking to further refine their skills and techniques. The class is usually structured to help participants develop advanced tactics, game strategies, and mental focus required to compete at a high level.

The class may start with an intense warm-up and stretching session to prepare participants physically and mentally for the training ahead. The instructor may then focus on advanced techniques such as the jump smash, reverse slice, and cross-court drop shots, which require a high level of skill and precision.

During the advanced class, participants will also engage in competitive drills and exercises designed to improve their speed, endurance, and agility. The instructor may also provide personalized feedback on participants' techniques, strengths, and weaknesses, and suggest ways to improve their game.

There will be a significant emphasis on game strategy and shot selection, and participants will learn how to read their opponent's game and adjust their play accordingly. The class will also cover advanced doubles tactics such as rotations, switching, and communication skills.

In addition to improving their skills, participants will also learn how to manage their mental game, including developing mental toughness, maintaining focus, and managing pressure during competitive play.

Safety is still a crucial aspect of the advanced class, and participants will be expected to follow proper warm-up and stretching protocols and wear appropriate footwear and clothing to avoid injury.

Overall, an advanced badminton class is an excellent opportunity for individuals to take their game to the highest level and prepare for competitive play. With regular practice, dedication, and commitment, participants can continue to improve their skills, compete at a high level, and enjoy the many benefits of playing badminton, including improved physical fitness, mental focus, and social interaction

Your Instructor


As a former teacher myself, I strongly believed that imparting proper fundamental movement skills to a young child is very important.

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