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Intermediate Class

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About the Course

Intermediate badminton class is a program designed for individuals who have already acquired basic skills in badminton and are looking to improve their game. The class is usually structured to help participants refine their techniques, build stamina and improve their overall game strategy.

The class may start with a brief warm-up and stretching session followed by a review of the basic techniques such as footwork, grip, and swing. Participants will then move on to more advanced techniques such as smashes, drop shots, and clears.

During the intermediate class, participants will also learn various tactics such as deception, attacking and defending, and net play. There will be more emphasis on game strategy, shot selection, and court positioning.

In addition to learning new skills, participants will also engage in drills and exercises designed to improve their fitness, endurance, and agility. The instructor may also provide feedback on participants' technique and suggest ways to improve their game.

Safety is still a crucial aspect of the intermediate class, and participants will be reminded of the importance of proper footwear and clothing, as well as the rules of the game to avoid injury.

Overall, an intermediate badminton class is an excellent opportunity for individuals to take their game to the next level and develop a competitive edge. With regular practice and commitment, participants can continue to improve their skills and enjoy the many benefits of playing badminton, including improved physical fitness, mental focus, and social interaction.

Your Instructor


I believe in hard work, focus, and determination, which I inculcate in my trainees.

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